Sunday, July 22, 2012

Metamorphosis July 28th 2012

Next saturday night July 28th at Barking Legs Theater is the release party for "Metamorphosis". The show will showcase my band playing the entire album live. Also pleased to announce that the release show is a dual release as my good friend Megan Howard is releasing her new album as well. The show begins at 8pm and Megan's band will take the stage (Megan, Josh Bates, Scottie Matos, Michael McDade) after a brief intermission my band will take the stage (Callie Harmon, Michael McDade and myself). Both bands have been rehearsing hard and it's set to be an amazing show and a night not to be missed. Here's a link to the pre-sale for tickets to the show. also to read the full press release on the record. Full tracklisting 1. Drowning in Sound 2. Garbage 3. Pour Myself to Sleep 4. Anymore 5. Hayley's Comet 6. Metamorphosis 7. What I Know By Now...(aka The Ballad of Ben Parris) 8. Monument 9. Miles Away 10. Eye of the Storm 11. Collecting Butterflies 12. Amnesia 13. Never Let Go The album will be on iTunes and Spotify etc. after the release show Digitally pre-order the album. Cheers - Ryan

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey guys here's an update on how the albums coming along and what's been going on in my music world. Well we're nearing the completion of "Metamorphosis" and I couldnt be happier with it. Songs have dropped in and out of favor but overall I feel that this will be a great record. (No wonder I spent two years working on it.) Working with Butch Ross and Michael McDade on this one has been a great dynamic. All of us have focused to get the best result with these tunes and brought them all to life for the album. So here's where you ome in. Within a few days a kickstarter/pre-order system will be launched and you guys will be helping to fund the making of this record. While the "work" is close to being finished there's a lot left to do to make this happen. We're adding some finishing touches on recording and mixing as we go. The next stage is to hand it off to Charles Allison at Spanner Sound to master the record (aka... make it listenable). Below i've included a short preview of what the album is sounding like in a video for the kickstarter project. Oh yeah and the band will be playing Nightfall June 22nd, so hope you all can come out! Peace and Love for now. Enjoy the preview.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

"For All of My Days" 2.14.12 Digital EP

"For All of My Days"
A love song I wrote for a Wedding gift to my friends Brandon and Courtney. They used to work with me @ Fazoli's back in the day (which was a Wednesday as I recall :). A few things happened that got the wheels turning on this one. They had asked me to run sound at their Wedding so about a week before the Wedding I had decided I wanted to write it for them. A short while before that I had gone with Mike and Gail to go see Jennifer Daniels perform @ Rhythm and Brews. Jennifer has a song that completely grabbed my heart called "Every Single Day". That song inspired me to write a real love song, and Brandon and Courtney gave me the perfect opportunity to grab. The words came in about 20 minutes, I was dating someone at the time and basically sat down and wrote what I would want to say to her. Brandon and Courtney ended up having me play the song at the Wedding, and it was their "First Dance".

"Zooey Deschanel (I think you're swell)"
"This song doesn't sound like any particular one of your songs,
it sounds like all of them." - Butch Ross
First of all it's really fun to say "Zooey Deschanel". She's the "adorkable" indie queen right now but my crush-affair began when I had visited my friends in Athens, GA. We'd been out checking out the UGA college town scene listening to music and talking all night. When we got back to my friend David's apartment his roomate Pat and I still wanted to listen to music so she ran upstairs and got her record player and we sat on the deck. The first album she played was the second half of the "She and Him Vol. 1" album. I fell immediately in love with her voice and just wanted to reach into the record machine and hug her. Plus she covers the Beatles... instant musical love. The recording is just me and my guitar and another well done whistle solo :).

This song was another one that had been inspired by a couple of different events/things that really touched me. The birth of the song (although I didn't know it'd become one at the time) was inspired by BJ Hightower. During soundcheck for the Warren Zevon show, Mark Holder was soundchecking his guitar and finished playing a completely bad assed blues riff on his electric guitar. BJ turned to me and Jordan Hallquist and very poignantly stated "Take a good look boys, that won't be there forever." The second was actually while I was on my way to Mike and Gails to finish up some recording the day after the Nim Nims CD Release. I was listening back to their CD and BJ's quote came back to me so I knew then I'd have to begin writing it down. A few days later (of course I didn't write it down yet) It had been swimming around my subconscience and I woke up from sleep again with the first verse in my head. I was awake for about 3 hours and wrote the first 2 verses and the chorus (that seriously was a wednesday). On Friday I sat back down sorted out the chords that were with the melody that I had as I wrote the words down and finished the song. I Noel Gallaghered* myself on this one. It would have fit well on "Metamorphosis" and it's in my opinion the best song I've ever written (but that's not up to me is it).

"Rabbit Hole (LIve from WGOW)"
This appears because a lot of people like the acoustic version I perform more than the album version from "Come Together". This is the first version I've done that was recorded that I felt was decent enough to release. SO... (Neda Long) you're welcome ;).

"For All of My Days (alternate mix)"
I'm a fan of alternate mixes and different versions/takes of songs to hear how the develop. Here's the "Sandra Oh mix"* It's just me and my acoustic guitar and my bassline for it until Butch added in indie-poptastic prom theme strings and organ to lift the chorus.

"For All of My Days" was recorded by Mike McDade and Butch Ross during sessions for the album "Metamorphosis" coming soon. Mixed by Butch Ross. I play acoustic guitar, bass, and some electric. Butch Ross plays electric guitar, Jim Pfitzer plays piano, Jordan Hallquist plays drums. Photo by Tolan Bistrek and design by Kristen Rogers and Butch Ross.

Visit to purchase the "For All of My Days" EP on 2.14.12
featuring "For All of My Days" "Zooey Deschanel (I think you're swell)" "Undone" "Rabbit Hole (LIve from WGOW)" and "For All of My Days (alternate mix)"

*The Oasis song "The Masterplan" appears as the B-side to "Wonderwall". It's arguably the greatest song he's ever written.
*Imagine you're watching Grey's Anatomy and Sandra Oh get's married... this is the version that would play during that scene.

Thursday, February 2, 2012