Sunday, July 22, 2012

Metamorphosis July 28th 2012

Next saturday night July 28th at Barking Legs Theater is the release party for "Metamorphosis". The show will showcase my band playing the entire album live. Also pleased to announce that the release show is a dual release as my good friend Megan Howard is releasing her new album as well. The show begins at 8pm and Megan's band will take the stage (Megan, Josh Bates, Scottie Matos, Michael McDade) after a brief intermission my band will take the stage (Callie Harmon, Michael McDade and myself). Both bands have been rehearsing hard and it's set to be an amazing show and a night not to be missed. Here's a link to the pre-sale for tickets to the show. also to read the full press release on the record. Full tracklisting 1. Drowning in Sound 2. Garbage 3. Pour Myself to Sleep 4. Anymore 5. Hayley's Comet 6. Metamorphosis 7. What I Know By Now...(aka The Ballad of Ben Parris) 8. Monument 9. Miles Away 10. Eye of the Storm 11. Collecting Butterflies 12. Amnesia 13. Never Let Go The album will be on iTunes and Spotify etc. after the release show Digitally pre-order the album. Cheers - Ryan