Saturday, June 2, 2012

Hey guys here's an update on how the albums coming along and what's been going on in my music world. Well we're nearing the completion of "Metamorphosis" and I couldnt be happier with it. Songs have dropped in and out of favor but overall I feel that this will be a great record. (No wonder I spent two years working on it.) Working with Butch Ross and Michael McDade on this one has been a great dynamic. All of us have focused to get the best result with these tunes and brought them all to life for the album. So here's where you ome in. Within a few days a kickstarter/pre-order system will be launched and you guys will be helping to fund the making of this record. While the "work" is close to being finished there's a lot left to do to make this happen. We're adding some finishing touches on recording and mixing as we go. The next stage is to hand it off to Charles Allison at Spanner Sound to master the record (aka... make it listenable). Below i've included a short preview of what the album is sounding like in a video for the kickstarter project. Oh yeah and the band will be playing Nightfall June 22nd, so hope you all can come out! Peace and Love for now. Enjoy the preview.

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