Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Right In Love", happy birthday to Metamorphosis, and more.

Hey guy's it's been a while since I posted so I figured I'd let everyone know what's been going on. Really soon the Ryan Oyer Band (Mike, Todd, Josh and I) will be releasing a new single called "Right In Love". The track was recorded live in front of an audience at Camp House in Chattanooga on May 31st by Jonny Ginese. We're gunna be releasing it as soon as we can and getting it out for everyone to hear. At the same time the plan is to offer the single for free to those who'd like to donate to a kickstarter as well as other goodies to begin the process of mixing/mastering/producing the rest of the live record. We're all really pleased with the work Jonny has done with this track and can't wait to hear the rest of the tracks we've chosen to have mixed etc. The track will also be available in digital download form on most online stores. Jonny will also be filming a video to introduce the record for kickstarter. Seeing as how the last one went so well, I believe this one will go just as well, especially once you guys hear "Right In Love". The other tracks we're hoping to release from the show are; Rock N Roll, Right In Love, Rabbit Hole (featuring Jessica Nunn), Pretty Girls, Collecting Butterflies, When She Comes Around, The Traveler (featuring Woodford Sessions), and Never Let Go. Also I've written 14 songs now that will be considered for the next studio album. The studio album is yet to be titled, but the original "phone home demos" or the E.T. Demos as I like to call them can be heard here The 14 songs in consideration right now are; Rock n Roll, Right In Love, Maybe Katie, The Traveler, Pretty Girls, 29, Hollywood, Hold On Love, This Tattered Quilt, Sunken Treasure, St. Cecilia, Is This What I've Been Waiting For?, When She Comes Around, and Goodnight. We plan to begin recording this album in the fall. In the meantime I hope you all will enjoy the new single. Happy 1st birthday to Metamorphosis! Cheers. -Ryan

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